Getting Started

Install Okto

Create an account/wallet

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Everything you need to begin your Okto journey
Install Okto
  • How do I install Okto?
  • Who can use an Okto wallet? Are there limitations based on Nationality?
Create an account/wallet
  • Is KYC required for Okto?
  • Do I need to set up 2FA for transferring funds from my Okto wallet?
  • Can I import an existing wallet into the Okto app?
  • How do I create an account on Okto?
  • Can I create multiple Okto accounts with the same email-ID?
  • Why can’t I use login with Google?
  • How do I secure my Okto app?
  • How do I change Password for my Okto wallet?
  • How do I change Passcode/PIN for my Okto wallet?
  • ​​Can I change the email address linked with Okto wallet?
For CoinDCX Users
  • I have set up a PIN for my CoinDCX account, can I use that pin to access my Okto account as well?
  • Will I be charged any fees for transferring tokens from my CoinDCX wallet to my Okto wallet?
  • Can I use my CoinDCX account to use Okto?
  • I have tokens in my CoinDCX account, can I transfer them to my Okto wallet?
  • Can I transfer tokens from my Okto wallet to my CoinDCX account?
  • How is Okto wallet different from my CoinDCX wallet?
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