Okto: Power of DeFi, Now in your Pocket!
Okto is a mobile app with the vision to provide Web3 opportunities easily accessible to you.
5 JAN 2023, 3 min read
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What is Okto Wallet?

Okto is a mobile app with the vision to provide Web3 opportunities easily accessible to you. Okto has built an easy-to-use interface for anyone to explore vetted DeFi investment opportunities and earn passive income on their crypto holdings. With its keyless, self-custody Web3 wallet, Okto provides secure access to DeFi services while eliminating the hassle of securing your funds.

The name Okto is derived from ‘Octopus’ which is an inherently intelligent species. Our wallet mimics the intelligence of the Octopus and provides a self-custody wallet that helps investors smartly explore consolidated investment opportunities across blockchains.

At CoinDCX, we firmly believe that decentralization is the way forward and have developed our newest offering, Okto, to enable every user to become a part of the decentralized economy. Decentralization empowers individuals to retain control of their assets while maintaining privacy, and Okto is here to make that possible for you.

With our intuitive mobile application, you will gain seamless access to DeFi opportunities that are carefully curated for you with pre-evaluation and complete risk assessment of the listed opportunities. With Okto, we are solving the discoverability challenge in DeFi by providing access to 1,000+ tokens, 20+ chains, and 100+ protocols on a single Web3 wallet.

Existing Challenges in DeFi

Several challenges in DeFi hinder the growth of the industry and prevent its wider adoption. Okto is reshaping DeFi by addressing the inherent challenges:

Complicated UX:

DeFi is difficult to use for most users due to its challenging interface.

  • Lack of multichain and crosschain integration: Missed opportunities due to missing interaction between different blockchains.
  • Security & Seed phrase: Managing seed phrases are challenging, increasing the risk of losing funds
  • Discovering earning Opportunities: Finding earning opportunities in DeFi with the optimum risk evaluation is difficult for users
  • Access to tokens: Unable to access multiple tokens of your choice on a single platform
  • Multiple wallets: Users need access to multiple wallets to access DeFi

How is Okto different from other wallets?

Today’s investors either do not understand DeFi or struggle to determine and identify legitimate opportunities in the ecosystem. Our mission for Okto is to provide you with the simplest DeFi wallet app yet exhaustive in opportunities for you to explore and earn from.

  • Easy to Use: Okto offers an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that removes the complexity associated with private key management. It eliminates the need to understand Blockchain or Private Keys
  • Highly secure with no seed phrases: Okto leverages advanced multi-party computation (MPC) to offer a keyless infrastructure where no private keys are ever created, stored or shared at any point.
  • Earn high yields on passive income: Earning opportunities by trading thousands of tokens and depositing idle funds to high-yield generating pools. Okto will enable investors to access 1,000+ tokens by giving users access to 20+ chains and 100+ protocols over time.
  • Self-Custody: Okto offers a self-custody solution for crypto assets. It provides users full control of their funds as all the transactions require the user’s approval to be processed successfully. Users are in full control of their assets as the wallets cannot be created or operated without their approval.
  • Interoperability: Okto aims to build ongoing aggregation of multichain experience for DeFi investors to explore seamless interoperability, across DEXs.

CoinDCX has been your go-to crypto investment app that is now trusted by over 15 million users. With Okto, we are aiming even bigger by providing easy and secure access to DeFi opportunities. We are leaving no stone unturned to provide the most secure DeFi app, and a truly multichain experience with a high-performance wallet that is incredibly simple for our users to use. So, join the waitlist and navigate DeFi with confidence.

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