What is Friend Tech, It's Background & How does Friend Tech Work?
Friend.tech is a social tokenization protocol that allows users to tokenize their identity and sell shares of themselves to their followers. Continue reading this article till the end to know everything about friend.tech and its exciting features.
23 AUG 2023, 3 min read
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Key Points

  • Friend.tech revolutionizes social connections by enabling tokenization of ‘connections.’
  • Surpassed giants like Bitcoin and Uniswap in daily protocol fees.
  • Built on Coinbase’s Base Layer 2 chain, allowing secure interactions.
  • Rapid growth since the August 11 launch, reaching 136,000 daily active users.

Friend.tech is a new decentralized social app that’s trending with a record $1.42 million in protocol fees within a single day, outpacing giants like Bitcoin and Uniswap.

It's a platform that allows users to tokenize social connections through buying and selling "shares" of their network.

Built on Coinbase's Base Layer 2 chain, Friend.tech's recent success has shown its ability to create unique interaction as shareholders gain exclusive access to content and private chats, turning digital connections into a monetizable assets.

Friend.tech’s Background

Launched in its beta version on August 11, 2023, Friend.tech is the brainchild of the pseudonymous developer known as Racer, who previously contributed to social media networks leveraging nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

Operating on Coinbase’s Base Layer 2 chain, this platform is more than a social app; it pioneers a new way to tokenize social connections. Users can buy and sell “shares” of their connections, creating an innovative space for interaction and exclusive content access.

The platform's purpose lies in its vision to allow crypto influencers and other users to monetize their connections, all while improving relationships with key figures in the crypto world.

Friend.tech has not only introduced a new concept but has also shown its effectiveness by rapidly generating impressive revenue.

How Does It Work?

Imagine connecting with people not through mere follows or likes but through tangible shares you can trade.

The process offers a unique monetization opportunity and cultivates a deeper user connection. Shareholders gain exclusive access to private chat rooms and special content, creating a community that thrives on meaningful interactions.

As for the revenue model, it's clear-cut: Friend.tech imposes a 5% transaction fee. This fee and the spread between buying and selling prices generate profit for shareowners.

The concept doesn't just revolutionize how we socialize; it opens up a new frontier in how we perceive value in connections.

Rapid Growth and Milestones

The decentralized social platform, Friend.tech, has witnessed remarkable growth since its beta launch on August 11th.

Within just over a week, the platform has generated revenue exceeding $2.8 million and has executed over 769,528 transactions.

According to DeFiLlama and Dune Analytics data, Friend.tech has engaged more than 66,000 unique traders and accumulated a massive trading volume of $26 million.

Its daily active users have surged to 136,000, enabling it to outpace even renowned layer 2 networks like Arbitrum and Optimism.

Adding to its fame, several high-profile members, such as Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan and NBA player Grayson Allen, joined the platform recently. This growth speaks volumes about Friend.tech's innovation and the growing interest in monetizing social connections within the crypto community.

Opportunities and Challenges: User Experience and Community Feedback

The platform has already caught the attention of the crypto world by monetizing connections. Let’s take a look at the user experience and community feedback.


  • Early adopters and crypto enthusiasts have praised Friend.tech for its new take on social connections, finding the monetization of relationships for passive income. High engagement levels, as well as participation from renowned figures, underline the platform's initial success.
  • Friend.tech's special feature is turning social connections into tradable "shares." This new idea has drawn users and money as they interact in private. It's now a hotspot for crypto influencers and investors who see a chance to earn from trading fees, strengthening its standing in the crypto space.


  • Some users, however, express concerns over the potential dehumanization of social interactions, turning friendships into mere financial assets.
  • Friend.tech's future could be cloudy. For example, constant share selling could cause prices to rocket. This may form exclusive groups, potentially limiting broader appeal and threatening its initial goal of inclusivity. This issue is critical. While early investors might love the climbing prices, costly shares could scare newcomers. Friend.tech must fine-tune a balance to keep shares appealing to newcomers and traders.
  • Also, leaning solely on trading fees for revenue could backfire. The platform's image might suffer if controversial tactics like spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) are used to make money.

Regulatory Landscape and Impact on Traditional Social Media

Friend.tech’s new approach to social connections through tokenization has caught the attention of users and investors and raised some questions about the regulatory landscape.

In today's world, governments and regulators are closely watching the crypto industry. Friend.tech must actively clarify legal uncertainties. Collaboration with legal experts will be essential to align with ever-changing regulations across different regions.

User trust is also vital for the platform's success. Tokenizing social connections raises questions about data security and the morality of turning personal relationships into commodities.

Friend.tech needs to establish a reputation for transparency and integrity. Clear guidelines on personal data usage, safeguards against system abuse, and adherence to ethical principles are necessary.

The platform must balance innovation with legal compliance and ethical conduct. These challenges, common in the dynamic crypto world, will likely shape the platform's sustainability and success.


Friend.tech's new-age social networking model has gained prominence, letting users profit from online connections and changing how we view online interaction.

With fast growth, a strong revenue framework, and support from renowned figures, its future looks bright. However, whether this model is sustainable over the long term is yet to be seen.

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