Token Tuesdays: Ripple Technical & On-Chain Analysis in 2023
This article explores Ripple's past performance and future possibilities through an in-depth analysis of price trends and on-chain metrics.
4 JUL 2023, 4 min read
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This article dives into XRP's historical performance and 2023 prospects, offering a detailed view of price trajectories and on-chain indicators.

Key Takeaways

  • XRP is currently on an uptrend, with technical indicators like its position above the EMAs and a bullish pennant pattern suggesting potential price appreciation.
  • The future price trajectory is dependent on market sentiment. A fall below the $0.45 support level could indicate a shift to a near-term bearish phase.



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Decoding XRP’s Price Momentum: A Technical Perspective

Displaying a positive turn since the year's onset, XRP emerged from a two-month low on May 8th and began forming a bullish pennant-like pattern on its daily chart.

A bullish pennant suggests a potential price surge following a significant uptick. It strongly indicates a continuing trend and hints at a market cycle, implying possible reversals.

However, a significant hurdle emerged when the upward trendline of the ascending channel met with stubborn resistance at $0.53.

As a result, the bears momentarily took control, but the bulls held firm at the $0.45 support, propelling a strong recovery.

Thus, the past two days witnessed XRP's price surging over 7%, primarily fueled by bouncing back from the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) intersection and the $0.45 support.

In its simplest form, EMA is a tool investors use to track market momentum by giving more weight to recent prices. As XRP rebounded, the token broke out of its bullish pennant pattern, exhibiting a promising outlook.

The stage seems set for a relatively high volatile phase, with XRP rising above the 20/50/200 EMA. Also, the recent 20/50 EMA bullish crossover highlighted the market's short-term bullish bias.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), an essential tool measuring the speed and change of price movements, has struggled to maintain a close above 50. However, if the recent closure above 50 persists, the buying force may tip the scales in their favor.

The Directional Movement Index (DMI) also reflects market strength and direction. It consists of ADX (average directional index), +DI (indicative of an upward trend), and -DI (indicative of a downward trend).

In XRP’s case, the +DI line still lags behind the -DI line at press time, indicating the bulls are yet to take control fully. Moreover, the weak market trend shown by the ADX hints at the need for cautious optimism.

XRP On-Chain Metrics and their Implications

The 'Development Activity' metric is integral to a crypto’s on-chain insights. It depicts the intensity of development efforts on the blockchain, a crucial factor for growth and security.

Since June, we've witnessed a progressive rise in XRP's development activity. This spike has triggered a corresponding price uptrend, resonating with XRP's sensitivity to this metric.

Source: Santiment

Interestingly, despite a recent decline in the price, the metric's trajectory has maintained higher highs, hinting at a possible bullish climb.

An important social metric is the 'Reddit Daily Active Users.' This indicator shows the daily active participants on the platform, reflecting the community's engagement and sentiment towards the coin.

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Like development activity, XRP's active Reddit users have also climbed since the month's start. Notably, the recent dip in price contrasts with the user metric's steady increase, forming a bullish divergence.

Source: Messari

XRP's price hasn't responded proportionally to these spikes, leaving room for a potential short-term rise before a likely trend reversal.

Although the sentiment hovers near neutrality, a volatile move could induce a rally. Therefore, converging these on-chain insights is crucial for gauging XRP's future performance.

XRP Price Prediction 2023

Historically, breakouts from bullish pennants have often led to short-term rallies followed by a reversal.

In XRP's case, the recent bearish tendencies can be invalidated if the price manages a sustained closure above the bullish pennant.

Under these conditions, we could see buyers testing the $0.53 level before looking to enter the $0.6 zone.

But If the price were to dip below the $0.45 support level, a bearish price discovery phase could be triggered, pushing the price toward the first major support at the $0.41 mark.

These future price movements depend on several interconnected factors – technical indicators, community sentiment, and market momentum.

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Should You Invest in XRP?

Investing in any crypto, including XRP, should always be considered against a backdrop of thorough analysis and understanding market trends.

Given the recent technical analysis, XRP is bullish, with positive indicators like staying above the EMAs and a bullish pennant breakout.

Further, on-chain data such as increasing 'Development Activity' and 'Reddit Daily Active Users' suggest potential price appreciation.

However, a sudden shift in market sentiment or a close below the $0.45 support level could tilt the scales toward a bearish phase.

Considering these potential market changes, having a secure and easy-to-use platform for managing your investments becomes important. The Okto DeFi Wallet app is a secure mobile option to keep various coins like XRP tokens. It also provides numerous DeFi investment opportunities in a single place.

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