Surge Of Milady Coin: The NFT Collection Associated LADYS Coin Up By 12,000%
The crypto industry was left awestruck when LADYS, a new meme coin shot up by 12000% on May 11, 2023. The NFT collection associated coin was also mentioned in Elon Musk's Twitter post. Continue reading to find out more.
17 MAY 2023, 3 min read
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The digital currency realm was recently shaken by an unexpected participant, Milady (LADYS), a meme coin that was relatively under the radar until now. This coin correlates with a nonfungible token (NFT) collection featuring anime avatar artwork. On May 11, the meme coin made headlines when it shot up astonishingly by over 12,000%, hitting an impressive high of $0.0000002996. Interestingly, the ignition for this explosive growth came from a tweet from Elon Musk, the Twitter boss.

Musk, known for his influence in the crypto domain, took to Twitter to share a meme featuring an image from the Milady NFT collection. The effect of Musk's tweet was almost immediate, as it sent the average Ether sale price of the NFT collection into an upward spiral.

Elon's tweet, paired with the phrase 'THERE IS NO MEME. I LOVE YOU' swiftly captured the attention of the crypto community. The tweet caused the Milady NFT's sales volume and floor price to soar, and within just 24 hours, it became one of the most traded collections on OpenSea.

However, like many sudden surges in the crypto world, the lofty heights are often followed by sharp plunges. As of now, LADYS's price has plummeted, hovering around $0.000000099. This development has elicited speculation among Twitter users, particularly about its potential connection to Elon Musk.

Emerging from unknown origins, the developers behind Milady have clarified that LADYS does not share any formal ties with the original creator of Milady, Charlotte Fang, or the Milady Maker. Instead, the token serves as an homage to an NFT collection that has earned considerable recognition and appreciation within the crypto community.

Fundamentally, LADYS operates as a meme coin devoid of inherent value or any assurances of financial gains. It exists without a formalized team or strategic plan, and its primary purpose is to provide a source of entertainment for its holders.

Even though LADYS seemingly lacks inherent worth, investors have identified additional value beyond its meme-based allure. At press time, this token's market capitalization has exceeded $72 million, and its trading volume in the past 24 hours has crossed the $78 million mark. According to the information on CoinMarketCap, the total supply of LADYS is capped at 888 trillion.

Emerging into prominence shortly after the introduction of the Pepe meme coin, Milady Meme Coin has been motivated by the triumphs of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other top-ranking meme cryptos. But LADYS recently witnessed a notable depreciation by more than 15% within 24 hours. This decrease is due to the substantial transactions of LADYS conducted by 'unusual wallets.'

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A tweet from the 'Smart Money' wallets monitor, @lookonchain, underscored that 86 wallets relocated 90 trillion LADYS to various digital currency exchanges. This large-scale movement initiated a steep 30% decline in the token's price from May 15 to May 16.

Despite the recent price plunge, the Milady Meme Coin project has made significant strides. Its native token, LADYS, has overcome the limitations of blockchain, embracing the infinite possibilities of the multi-chain world.

The project recently announced the bridging of the LADYS token between Ethereum and the renowned L2 scaling solution, Arbitrum. This development aims to allow users to enjoy the unique potential offered by this update.

In tandem with this development, Milady also announced an upcoming airdrop. The airdrop, scheduled for the next 24 hours, is set to reward consumers with the highest transfer volume from the ERC token to the ARB token. However, the event will exclude any wallets linked to trading bots.

Milady has also assured users that no protocol fees are associated with the LADYS Bridge, requiring users only to cover gas charges. As claimed by the platform, the bridge is the fastest for the LADYS token, promising users a seamless experience.

To sum it up, the story of Milady Meme Coin shows how unpredictable and changeable the crypto world can be. It shot up quickly, then fell just as fast, showing how risky but potentially rewarding these meme coins can be. The rumors about it being linked to Elon Musk and what's happened since have made it even more interesting to people.

Even though the people who created the token say it's a 'useless' coin made just for fun, it has caught the attention of many investors. This shows how if enough people believe in a token, they can influence its success. What happens next with Milady is uncertain, but its recent moves towards creating links with other systems and planning to give out airdrops show it's ready to try new things.

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As it continues its journey through the highs and lows of the crypto market, only time will tell if LADYS can carve out a lasting place in the vast world of digital currencies.

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