Seamless Crypto Transfers: Okto's Exclusive 1% Bonus Offer
Dive into the world of seamless crypto transitions with Okto! Empowering Indian users, Okto and MESH join forces to simplify fund transfers from global to local platforms. Enjoy an effortless transition, coupled with an exclusive 1% bonus incentive in USDC on Arbitrum.
19 JAN 2024, 1 min read
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In a dynamic era of shifting landscapes in the cryptocurrency space, Okto has taken a bold step to empower Indian users looking to transition their funds from international giants to local platforms. Teaming up with MESH, Okto aims to simplify the process of transferring user funds, making it more accessible and user-friendly. The cherry on top? An exclusive offer that makes the transition not only smooth but also rewarding.

Effortless Transition: Moving your crypto from international exchanges to Okto has never been easier. With the expertise of MESH, Okto ensures a hassle-free process, allowing users to make the transition seamlessly.

1% Bonus Incentive: As a token of appreciation for choosing Okto, users stand to receive a flat 1% bonus on their crypto deposits. This bonus, credited in USDC on Arbitrum, acts as an immediate boost to your funds, enhancing the value of your crypto portfolio.

How to Move your Crypto to Okto:

How to get your bonus: 

  1. Deposit to Okto Wallet: Begin by depositing your crypto from other exchanges to the Okto wallet.
  2. Stay Eligible and Track Your Bonus: To remain eligible and track your bonus, deposit your crypto and refrain from withdrawing until 30 days. You can easily monitor your bonus in your Wallet.
  3. Bonus Payout: The bonus payouts, capped at a maximum value of INR 10,000 per user, will be made in equivalent USDC on Arbitrum chain and reflected in your wallet balance.

Now is the time to seize this opportunity, secure your crypto holdings, and enjoy the benefits of Okto's 1% bonus offer. Don't miss out on maximizing your earning potential while safeguarding your crypto assets with Okto.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Explore the possibilities, claim your bonus, and experience the next level of crypto convenience with Okto!

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