[Completed] Scheduled Maintenance for zkEVM Chain – Okto Services Remain Uninterrupted
The maintenance of the Polygon zkEVM chain is completed, and features, such as deposits, swaps, and bridges, are completely available. We thank you for your support and patience.
27 JUL 2023, 2 min read
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Dear Okto Community,

The scheduled maintenance is extending longer than expected because of some unexpected issues. The Polygon foundation is working actively on resolving these issues and we will keep you posted on the status.

We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to let you know of an upcoming maintenance by the Polygon team for the zkEVM chain, which is scheduled for today from  07:00 AM to 09:30 A.M. (UTC).

During this time, the chain will undergo upgrades to bring new features, important fixes, and critical optimizations for the mainnet Beta.

What does this mean for you?

All operations tied to the zkEVM chain, such as swaps, bridges, and transfers, will be unavailable during this maintenance. However, all the other chains integrated into the Okto platform are unaffected and will continue functioning as usual. That means you can continue earning, swapping, bridging, depositing, and withdrawing on these chains without interruption.

Important Note on zkEVM Airdrop on Okto

For those of you participating in our Airdrop quests currently running on the zkEVM chain, please note that we advise against performing any activity during maintenance hours. As the chain will be undergoing maintenance, any transactions or actions attempted during this time may not be processed correctly. We recommend waiting until the maintenance is over before continuing your Airdrop quests.

Are your funds secure?

Absolutely! Even with this maintenance, your funds are as safe as always. Some of the users might not be able to see your funds on the app, but they are secure on the blockchain and will be visible again once the maintenance is done.  We want to assure you that the maintenance will not impact the safety of your assets held in the zkEVM or any other chain.

What should you do?

Nothing at all! Your Okto services and funds remain secure and unaffected. Once the maintenance is complete, zkEVM chain-related activities will resume as normal.

Our support team can readily assist you with any questions or concerns. Your smooth experience and the safety of funds is our top priority.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this brief maintenance period. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring your Okto experience remains uninterrupted, even when one of our partner chains requires a routine tune-up.

Once the maintenance is completed, all zkEVM chain-related activities will resume as usual.

Thank you for being a part of the Okto community!

With Decentralized Love,

The Okto Team

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