Polygon Treasure Quest 2 (The Vision): $100K Worth PxP Tour
Okto is now live with Quest 2 of Polygon Treasure Quest. Stay tuned to learn more about the steps of Polygon Treasure Quest and exciting rewards associated with it.
23 SEPT 2023, 1 min read
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Welcome to week 2 of the Polygon Treasure Quest! This week's quest, "The Vision," is a simple way to earn rewards and learn more about the Polygon ecosystem.

To complete the quest, follow these steps:

  1. Deposit at least $5 on Okto
  2. Move it to the zKEVM chain
  3. Collect your zKEVM NFT for week 2

The more NFTs you collect, the higher you'll climb on the leaderboard and unlock the $100k reward pool. Check your leaderboard ranking here: [https://okto.tech/blogs/polygon-zkevm-x-okto-mega-quest-leaderboard]

Referrals are the best way to boost your collection, so don't forget to invite your friends!

Continue your thrilling Polygon Treasure Quest - PxP tour with The Vision, starting September 22, 2023!

Explore Airdrops, earn rewards, and compete for the prestigious champion NFT reward. Invite your crypto crew to join the quest and climb the leaderboard for a guaranteed $100K prize pool from Okto.

Stay tuned for updates as we unveil the first quest and its surprises. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Okto like never before!

To read more about the terms and conditions of the quest, click here.

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