Polygon Treasure Quest 1 (The Gateway): Terms & Conditions
Continue reading this article till the end to understand the terms and conditions of the Polygon Treasure Quest 1 (The Gateway).
14 SEPT 2023, 1 min read
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1. Okto’s ‘Polygon Underwater’ Campaign (“Campaign”) commencing from September 13, 2023, at 00:00 (IST) till September 30, 2023, 11:59 PM is open for a Participant, who is:

(i) In compliance with the onboarding requirements and any campaign/promotional event level requirement;

(ii) A new user downloading the Okto app and registering as a user; and

(iii) A user previously registered and actively transacting on the Okto platform according to its rules.

Eligibility Criteria: A Participant must fulfill the following to qualify for the Campaign:

  1. Register on the Okto app to create their Wallet.
  2. Complete all the steps mentioned under the Quest 1 of the campaign,
  3. Quest Completion: Successfully meet quest requirements as per the Okto platform's directives.

General Campaign Terms:

i. Okto may introduce new quests periodically. The effective period of the Campaign determines the terms for each specific quest.

ii. Participants relinquish any rights to dispute Okto's decisions, and Okto is not bound or liable to any promises or guarantees to any participant.

iii. Okto holds the authority to modify, suspend, or terminate the Campaign or alter its terms without prior notice.

iv. Participants grant Okto the permission to share their inapp activity for purposes like surveys or statistical analyses.

v. Okto is not directly involved in allocating airdrops and cannot be held accountable for any discrepancies or losses incurred by participants.

vi. Participants will indemnify and safeguard Okto against any claims, losses, or damages arising from a breach of these terms or any applicable laws.

vii. Participants must adhere to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available at https://okto.tech/.

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