Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and BSC chains now live on Okto! Earn up to 20% returns on idle crypto
We are thrilled to announce that Okto is introducing Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche chains along with Binance chain to its app!
18 APR 2023, 3 min read
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We are thrilled to announce that Okto is introducing Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche chains to its app. You can now seamlessly access all the tokens available on these chains along with the tokens on BNB Chain within a single mobile app! Having access to multiple chains has been the most asked-for feature by our customers, and since you asked for it, we have it integrated for you!

Switching between wallets is a major roadblock toward higher adoption of DeFi and wallets such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet require you to change wallets in order to access tokens from different chains. Moreover, this causes user inconvenience as you cannot track all your holdings across chains within one screen. Okto has solved this industry challenge by providing easy access to multiple chains so that you do not need to shift between wallets anymore and can view and manage all your holdings under one roof.

Okto is one of the very few apps available globally that offers access to unlimited tokens available on multiple chains on a single mobile app. For example, you can now access MATIC, BNB, FTM, and AVAX tokens within the Okto app without switching to other wallets. Moreover, Okto aggregates the top liquidity pools and investment opportunities from different chains on a single screen for you to easily explore and earn from.

Explore and earn 20% returns on top liquidity pools

The integration of chains such as Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche along with the Binance chain, allows users to access all the tokens that are available to trade on these chains. With more tokens, you can now access a large range of liquidity pools, offering higher percentage returns.

For example, users can try out the following top liquidity pools on Okto:

  1. MATIC - USDT offering APY of 8%
  2. FTM - USDC offering APY of 13%

How does a user benefit from more chains on Okto?

More Earn Opportunities: Different chains offer tokens with different liquidity pools. Since Okto offers multiple chains, you can now access a wider range of these pools and hence more tokens, providing high-yield earning opportunities.

Access to more tokens across more chains: You can buy/sell any token of your choice available on different chains within Okto. For example, MATIC is present on multiple chains but its primary chain is Polygon and with Okto, you can now access MATIC on Polygon which has higher user cases as compared to using MATIC on other chains.

One wallet, multiple chains: With more chains on the same app, Okto allows you to easily manage your digital assets without installing too many applications.

Lower transaction cost and time: Instead of buying/selling tokens on individual chains and transferring from one wallet to another, you can directly Swap tokens on Okto. This reduces transaction fees and delays as the users do not need to buy/sell multiple times to trade a token, significantly lowering gas fees for your transaction.

Advanced security: You only need to manage one private key to access such a wider range of tokens across chains. Okto offers multiple layers of security using MPC technology to safeguard your assets.

Easy access and tracking: You can view all your assets in a listView within the app and we make it easy for you to select a chain by providing recommended chains for a token as per the use cases.

How to get started and explore more Earn opportunities:

1. Start by depositing MATIC on the Polygon chain.

2. Choose to invest in the MATIC - USDT pool.

3. You will need to deposit an equal amount of both, MATIC and USDT tokens to invest in this liquidity pool.

4. In case you choose to deposit USDT from an external wallet, please ensure that the deposit is done on the Polygon chain.

Here is a quick video that’d help you learn how to invest in MATIC- USDT pool:

We have gone an extra mile for you and even come up with recommended chains for each token so that you do not need to worry about which chain to use for each token. This recommendation is based on convenience, and better use cases for the selected token on that chain, for example, liquidity, availability of pools, staking, vaults etc.

Built for your ease and convenience, the experience of using multiple chains and exploring top-earning opportunities has never been this easy. And remember, we are just getting started...stay tuned as we introduce more chains to our network and thus, more investment opportunities. Okto is truly your one-stop solution to all things DeFi!

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