At Okto, we say no to “token delisting”. Take control of your tokens with Okto’s DeFi and Self-Custody solution
When a centralized exchange removes a crypto token from its tradable assets, it is called as token delisting. Continue reading to find out how Okto's DeFi & self-custody solution assists users during token delisting.
26 APR 2023, 3 min read
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In the world of crypto, token delisting is a process where a centralized exchange removes a particular crypto token from its list of tradable assets. This process can have significant implications for both the token's value and its future prospects.

Token delisting explained

Token delisting can happen for a variety of reasons. One common reason is a lack of liquidity, meaning there are not enough buyers and sellers interested in trading the token. This can happen when a token's project fails to meet its promises or when investors lose interest in the project for other reasons. Another reason for delisting can be regulatory compliance issues, where a token does not meet the exchange's or the regulator's requirements.

When a centralized exchange decides to delist a token, it typically gives the token's project team a notice period to address any outstanding issues. During this period, token holders can withdraw their holdings or convert them to another crypto. If the project team fails to address the issues, the token is then removed from the exchange's list of tradable assets.

Consequences of token delisting on its investors

The consequences of token delisting can be significant. First, the token's value may decrease significantly, making it harder for token holders to sell or liquidate their holdings. Delisting can reduce the token's overall liquidity, making it harder to buy or sell in the future for its investors. It is a common issue faced by investors using centralized platforms.

Crypto is burgeoning with innovation constantly and there are numerous Web3 and DeFi projects existing today. We at Okto understand that it should be a collective decision by the community to decide on token delisting and exchanges alone should not take the decision.

Okto’s solution to token delisting

At Okto, we believe in utmost transparency and empowering our users with decision-making as well as taking complete control and ownership of their funds. Hence, we have decided to go by what our community has asked for by saying no to token delisting. You asked and we delivered!

Okto provides a self-custody solution that solves for the token delisting issue. It is a decentralized platform where the user still has access to funds even if a token is delisted. To solve this issue, Okto has integrated with over 50+ DEXs across chains such as BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom. This allows a user to access 1000+ tokens across different chains and protocols and we are just getting started as we plan to integrate more chains in the near future.

Okto is not just another DeFi app but a year-long thought process to ease access to the best of DeFi opportunities for the masses. We have made DeFi simple and secure for users so that users can now access DeFi with their email IDs. Okto deploys MPC technology that eliminates the possibility of single-point failures by storing users' private keys across multiple locations in a decentralized manner.

Our team of 65+ passionate Web3 technologists is working diligently to simplify the DeFi experience. Okto provides unparalleled security to self-custodial wallets with patent-pending AI-based Multi-factor Authentication and Multi-Party Computation technology, protecting users from DeFi wallet hacks. With its multichain solution, Okto eliminates the complexities associated with paying transaction fees (gas fees) on multiple chains which highly increases the order success rate. Our vision is to natively integrate 100+ protocols, introduce a simple P&L view, and provide the best DeFi opportunities on one super app.

In conclusion, token delisting is a significant event in the world of crypto that can have negative consequences on its investors. But Okto never delists a token so all your funds are secure and you never lose control over your assets. Moreover, Okto assists users in identifying risks associated with any protocol or token through alerts and provides details related to a token such as liquidity, volatility, age of the token, market cap, etc. These parameters will help users to make informed decisions on their investments. In a nutshell, access all Web3 opportunities securely with Okto under one mobile app!

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