Okto Mega Airdrop Campaign: Terms and Conditions
Planning to participate in the Okto Mega Airdrop Campaign? Continue reading this article to know all the necessary terms and conditions regarding the Okto Mega Airdrop Campaign.
12 JUL 2023, 2 min read
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1. Okto Mega Airdrop Campaign (“Campaign”) commencing from July 9, 2023 at  00:00 (IST) till 23rd July, 2023 11:59 PM (for each “Quest”) is open for a Participant, who is:

(i) complies with onboarding requirements and any campaign/ promotional event level requirement;

(ii) a new user who downloads the Okto app and registers himself as a user; and

(iii) a user already registered and currently transacting on Okto platform as per its rules

2. A Participant has to fulfill the following to be eligible (Okto User) for the Campaign -

  1. Create His/Her  Wallet by registering on the Okto app.
  2. Deposit VDA/Crypto : Deposit a minimum VDA/Crypto valuing a minimum of USD 10 into their Okto wallet. These VDA/Crypto can be ETH, USDC, and MATIC tokens (on the Polygon chain) or USDT (on Polygon or BSC chain).
  3. Quest completion- Eligible User to successfully complete quest requirements of chain or protocol or Okto, as applicable.

3.  Airdrops -

  • As may be offered by any global chain or protocol at any time, will be facilitated by Okto only by facilitating chain access.
  • An Okto User, subject to terms of such chain or protocal, including number of airdrops as may be offered, may get  an airdrop in his/her Okto wallet as per discretion of chain or protocol.
  • Okto does not at any time guarantee occurance of airdrop event or the number of airdrops offered or received or possibility of getting any. However, as a reward to eligible Okto Users a minimum VDA/Crypto valued minimum USD 1 to a maximum of USD 20, at the discretion of Okto, these airdrops will be deposited into an eligible Okto User Wallet only once during the Campaign by the end of relevant week.
  • Airdrops from chain or protocol offering the same will reflect in Okto User Wallet as per relevant chain or protocol timeline and terms and are not in Okto control or knowledge at any time.  

4. Twitter:  This Campaign is also available on Twitter, where Participants will have a chance to win airdrops of in MATIC tokens being offered by Okto upto a value of USD 1000, if they-

  • Tweet about the Okto airdrop campaign: Participants must tweet about the Okto airdrop campaign and ensure that they use the hashtag #zkEVMonOkto and tag the @Okto_app twitter account
  • Reward based on Creativity and Engagement: The selection of the initial 50 Participants who will win the MATIC tokens airdrops is based on the creativity, experience sharing, views generated via retweets and will be selected by Okto at its discretion.
  • Airdrops of value as decided by Okto in its discretion, may reflect in the respective Okto User Wallet of initial 50 Participants within 5 working days from the date of announcement of result on Okto.

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5. GeneralCampaign  terms:

i. Okto will keep doing quests from time to time and Campaign effective period will determine terms for that particular quest.

ii. The Participant hereby waives all rights to dispute any decision of Okto in this regard and Okto does not undertake any liability, responsibility or guarantee towards any Participant.

iii. Okto reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, modify, cancel the Campaign or any terms contained herein for any or all of its Participant(s).

iv. The Participants hereby agrees to grant his/her consent to Okto for sharing his/her in-app activity for purposes such as survey, statistics etc.

v. The Participant hereby agrees and acknowledges that Okto is not involved in the occurrence or  allocation of airdrops and is not liable for any issues or loss caused to any Participant.

vi. The Participants shall indemnify and keep Okto indemnified at all times for and against any loss, costs, damages, expenses, liabilities, claims arising out of any breach by the Participant of the terms contained herein or of any applicable laws.vii. Participants shall at all time comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as available on https://okto.tech/.

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