Arbitrum Zone on Okto: Features & Benefits of Okto ARB Zone
Want to explore the Arbitrum Ecosystem? Introducing Okto Arbitrum Zone, your one-stop solution for project updates, effective cross-chain bridges, bounties, etc on Arbitrum. Continue reading this article till the end to know everything about Arbitrum Zone on Okto.
27 NOV 2023, 2 min read
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Blockchain space is fast changing and the space is moving even faster, there are several blockchains launching in recent time and would do good. Ethereum since the beginning of defi revolution have been god of liquidity for the entire ecosystem. Though other ecosystem have grown a bit but nothing compared to what DeFi liquidity on ethereum is. Both because of the interest and innovation made by traders and investors. so why ethereum can’t answer these currently?

Let's dive into this blog with a fundamental challenge: the blockchain trilemma. This trilemma addresses a key question – how can a blockchain be secure, decentralized, and scalable all at once with an example?

Lets take an example of an popular coffee shop in town, called Ethereum Cafe. This coffee shop is renowned for its quality, selection and trustworthiness.However, because of its popularity, it often gets crowded. But the catch with the coffee shop is that all blends available are limited and quanity and people compete to get their favourite drinks in return for paying extra or staying ahead in the queue, so that they can bid on the price of their drink and get it on priority. But this makes buying the favourite drink expensive and unpredictable. When it's crowded, you have to wait longer to get your coffee, and sometimes, if you're in a hurry, you might even pay a bit extra to get your order faster, because the system can only make 15 coffee per second.

To solve the crowding issue, the ethereum cafe open-source their coffee generation process and then many affiliated franchisees could build on these infrastructure and provide the same quality across the world. These franchisees can be though of layer 2 that are made to scale ethereum and provide the same experience with speed and lower costs.

Arbitrum is one such ecosystem why we are bullish cross and introducing arbitrum zone on Okto. A special zone dedicated to Arbitrum projects and dapps within our app. This zone is a gateway for you to explore and engage with top projects, tokens, and decentralized applications (dApps) in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Introducing Arbitrum Zone on Okto: Best way to learn, trade and earn on Arbitrum ecosystem

As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to flourish, Okto proudly unveils its dedicated Arbitrum Zone, a non-affiliated learning hub created to empower our community with in-depth knowledge and help with insights that help community make most out of opportunities available in the ecosystem.

But why now?

  • A pivotal moment in Arbitrum's growth trajectory was the Short Term Incentives Program (STIP), an initiative that initially allocated 50 million ARB tokens, now 71.9 million ARB, dedicated to the community to use Arbitrum to the users for growth.
  • The Arbitrum ecosystem has exhibited remarkable growth, boasting a total value locked (TVL) of $7.45 billion and stablecoins worth $1.832 billion, solidifying its position as a prominent Layer 2 player. New projects are launching on Arbitrum giving new opportunities to the traders.  

Features offered on Arbitrum Zone

  • Multi-DEX Aggregation: Get access to a wide range of trading pairs from multiple DEXs, ensuring the best prices and high liquidity for profitable trades.
  • Real-time Project Updates: Stay ahead with the fastest updates on new project listings and smart contract safety to avoid scams.
  • Cost-effective Cross-Chain Bridge: Move assets across chains affordably.
  • Seamless DApp Connectivity: Enjoy smooth integration with various DApps on Arbitrum.
  • Integrated Perps and Other DApps: Access a broad range of decentralized applications, with more being added.
  • Upcoming Bounties, Rewards, and Guides: Stay tuned for exciting bounties, rewards, and comprehensive educational guides.
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