How to Transfer Funds from International Exchanges to Okto Wallet
Worried about your funds in international exchanges after FIU regulations? Here is a simple guide to transfer your funds from international exchanges to Okto. Read this guide to ensure the safe transfer of your funds from international exchanges, powered by Okto's self custody.
25 JAN 2024, 3 min read
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If you're an Indian crypto enthusiast facing recent hurdles with international exchanges, Okto has got you covered. In collaboration with MESH, Okto is making moving your funds from international exchanges to your Okto wallet easier. This guide walks you through this simple process, so let's dive in!

Easy Steps for Smooth Transfers

  1. Starting Point: Begin by opening your Okto Wallet app. It's your gateway to simplified fund transfers.
  2. Market Exploration: Tap on the ‘Market’ section on the homepage. Here's where the magic starts.
  3. Token Selection: Identify the token you have on the international exchange that you wish to transfer. Make sure you’ve got the right one!
  4. Receiving Funds: Click the three dots (፧) and select ‘Receive’. Then, choose the External Wallet & Exchange option. This step is crucial for directing your funds to the right place.
  5. Linking Accounts: You'll see an option to link your exchange account. Go ahead and click on it. This is where Okto and MESH make things easier.
  1. Choosing the Exchange: Select the exchange on which you hold funds.
  1. Exchange Credentials: Log in using your international exchange credentials.
  1. Amount Selection: Decide how much you want to move to your Okto wallet. Every bit counts!
  1. Final Review: Preview the transfer and hit the ‘Send now’ button. Almost there!
  1. 2FA Verification: Complete the two-factor authentication to ensure a secure transfer. This is your digital handshake confirming the transaction.
  1. Transfer complete: You have successfully transferred your funds from your exchange to your Okto wallet. Your transferred funds will be visible under the wallet section.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple tokens on exchange, swap them to a common token for a one-stop transfer. 

Avoiding Common Errors

  • Mismatched Token Error: Be sure that the token you’re transferring matches between Exchange and Okto. Your transfer will fail if there’s a mismatch, like selecting USDC on BSC Chain on Okto but having USDC on Polygon chain on the exchange from where you are transferring.
  • 2FA Setup: Ensure that you have at least two methods of 2FA enabled on your accounts. This secures your transaction and is also a requirement for a successful transfer.

Closing Thoughts

Transferring your crypto from any international exchange  to Okto is now a breeze, thanks to their partnership with MESH. This guide should have helped you understand the steps clearly. Remember, the key is in the details - selecting the right token and ensuring your 2FA methods are set up. With this knowledge, you can manage your crypto assets more efficiently and utilize Okto’s offerings. Happy transferring!

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