How to Sign-Up on Okto DeFi Wallet: A Guide
Okto DeFi wallet is a crypto wallet which provides the support of self custody to its users. Continue reading this article to find out how to sign up on Okto crypto wallet using 5 simple steps.
30 MAY 2023, 3 min read
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Finding the right digital wallet can often be overwhelming, especially with multiple options. Okto, now available in India and 61 other countries, offers a user-friendly experience emphasizing security. Our guide will walk you through signing up for Okto, ensuring a smooth start to managing your digital assets.

The first step on your Okto journey involves downloading the Okto wallet app, which is entirely free. For your security, it's paramount to download Okto only from official sources. You can easily find the app on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Step 1: Registration - Setting up Your Okto Account

After successfully downloading the app, the registration process is quite simple.

Begin by opening the Okto app and choosing your preferred sign-up method: use your email address or your existing CoinDCX account.

Once your preferred sign-up method is selected, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your email. Enter this OTP into the app for validation. Upon successful OTP verification, you'll be prompted to create a secure password for your account.

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Step 2: Linking Your CoinDCX Account with Okto

What sets Okto apart from many other digital wallets is its feature allowing you to link your existing CoinDCX account. If you're already a CoinDCX user, this integration can simplify managing your digital assets.

During the Okto account signup, if you select 'CoinDCX' as your sign-up method, you can easily deposit and withdraw crypto tokens between your CoinDCX account and Okto account. This cross-platform functionality adds another layer of convenience to your crypto management.

Step 3: Security Measures - Setting up Your Okto PIN

Following password setup, it's time to establish another security layer: your Okto PIN.

This PIN is crucial in safeguarding your funds, as it will be required whenever you wish to withdraw from your Okto wallet. If you still need to set up your Okto PIN before initiating any fund withdrawal.

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Step 4: Opting for Login Method - Transition from Google to Email

Okto continually enhances its security measures for the safety of your digital assets. Okto has made a notable transition in its login options in alignment with this commitment.

The "Login with Google" option has been phased out, and in its place, you can now conveniently "Login with Email." This adjustment aims to fortify the protection of your Okto wallet, making it even more secure for you. If logging in for the first time after this change, remember to click 'Forgot Password' to access the 'Login with Email' option.

Step 5: The Final Step - Account and Wallet Creation

Upon setting up your password and PIN and choosing your login method, your Okto account will be created. Simultaneously, your Okto wallet will also be automatically set up.

To recap, signing up for Okto involves a few simple steps:

  • Downloading the app
  • Registering with your email or CoinDCX account
  • Verifying your email through OTP
  • Setting up your password and PIN and deciding your login method
  • Once you've followed these steps, your Okto account and wallet will be ready

The simplicity of Okto's sign-up process, coupled with the platform's commitment to security, ensures that even those new to digital wallets can manage their digital assets with ease and peace of mind.

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