How is Okto Different from Other Self-Custody Wallets?
Okto is a defi wallet which helps its user to store crypto, powered by self custody. Continue reading this article to find out more about the uniqueness of Okto crypto wallet and why Okto stands out.
30 MAY 2023, 4 min read
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The world of crypto and blockchain technology is ever-evolving, and at the forefront of this advancement is the innovative Okto Wallet. This Made-in-India DeFi wallet is not just another self-custody solution; it’s transforming the crypto experience, setting new standards for security, convenience, and functionality.

Let us understand through this blog how Okto is different from other self-custody wallets.

What is a Self-Custody Wallet?

A self-custody wallet is a crypto wallet where the user has complete control over their private keys - the cryptographic codes that enable access to their crypto. One can think of private keys like a user's bank account password.

A self-custody wallet's power lies in its security; without any third-party intervention, the user's assets are significantly safer from hacks or breaches. However, while this concept offers unrivalled control and security, it also brings certain challenges. The most prominent ones are:

Complex User-interface

Most self-custody wallets could be more user-friendly but with a complex interface, they are difficult to use. And this starts from the onboarding phase, which means many users give up on self-custody even before experiencing it.

Private Key Management

Self-custody wallets are the most secure wallets because no one can access them, but only those with the private key can. And, if users do not share their private key with anyone else, no one can access their wallet. But what if a user misplaces their private key? In this scenario, the user will lose access to their funds.

Dispersed Opportunities

DeFi is a vast industry with thousands of projects and earning opportunities. But, they are dispersed, and users need to access them separately on their native websites.

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Exploring the Uniqueness of Okto

Okto has created a self-custody DeFi super app that solves these problems. Here's a breakdown of how Okto has elevated the self-custody wallet space.

Easy Onboarding

Okto’s simplified and quick onboarding process, through which anyone can access DeFi in no time, makes it possible for everyone to experience DeFi. Okto makes you experience self-custody by registering your email address and getting started in less than a minute’s time.

AI and MPC: A New Security Paradigm

The next big problem of self-custody was the management of private keys and security. Okto has pioneered a new approach with its groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-party computation (MPC). By introducing AI-based multi-factor authentication and MPC technology, Okto achieves a balance between security and ease of use that hasn’t been seen before in self-custody wallets.

The advanced AI and machine learning algorithms analyze transaction patterns, ensuring early detection of any unusual or potentially fraudulent activities. On the other hand, MPC technology eliminates the risk of a single point of failure by ensuring that private keys are never fully exposed.

Swap and Pool: Reinventing Crypto Transactions

Okto wallet is not just about storage; it's also about facilitating seamless transactions. With its in-built "Swap & Pool" feature, you can exchange one token for another directly from the wallet. This native integration of multiple protocols makes the transaction process more straightforward and efficient.

Staking: Earning More from Your Crypto

In addition to ensuring secure transactions, Okto introduces users to a new earning opportunity with its Staking feature. Users can invest even a single crypto asset in a smart contract and earn rewards. This feature unlocks a passive income stream for crypto holders, adding another layer of appeal to the Okto wallet.

Why Okto Stands Out

Okto is a comprehensive, user-centric solution that aims to address the challenges faced by crypto users and enhance their experience with innovative solutions. It culminates state-of-the-art technology, extensive crypto protocol support, and a deep understanding of the user's needs.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Okto ensures its advanced AI and ML algorithms respect users' privacy in a growing world of data privacy. The security checks are quick, non-intrusive, and do not rely on extensive data collection, ensuring user interactions remain private and secure.

Simplifying Gas Fees

With Okto, users are no longer limited to paying gas fees in the native token for which they are making the transaction. They have the flexibility to pay gas fees in any token from the same blockchain network. This simplifies and streamlines transactions. This functionality is made possible by an in-built gas optimisation service operating across blockchains.

Chain Recommendation

DeFi is vast, and so are the choices. And, with great choices comes great confusion in deciding the right blockchain network to buy that token or invest in that liquidity pool. Okto simplifies this by recommending the best blockchain for your every transaction.

The recommendation is based on factors such as the liquidity of the token on that particular blockchain for ease of transactions and the available opportunities to earn, such as the number of liquidity pools and other earning options.


It is clear that Okto is more than just a self-custody wallet. It is a comprehensive DeFi platform that is set to revolutionize how users interact with cryptos. With its AI-based security, MPC technology, Swap & Pool functionality, and staking opportunities, Okto offers a new way to experience the crypto world.

Okto goes beyond providing a safe haven for your cryptos - it transforms your crypto journey into an adventure full of possibilities and earning opportunities. If you've been looking for a secure, efficient, and user-friendly crypto solution, Okto is well worth your consideration.

The future of crypto is here, and its name is Okto.

You can experience the Okto DeFi app here. Download it now.

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