BTCB Price Aiming at $35,000 Mark Debunking the Bearish Bias
Read on to examine BTCB's recent market trends, on-chain metrics, and price projections to understand its potential performance in 2023 better.
8 JUN 2023, 4 min read
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This article outlines an in-depth Binance Bitcoin (BTCB) analysis, highlighting key technical indicators, on-chain metrics, and potential future price movements.

Key Takeaways

  • BTCB's price trajectory has demonstrated a long-term ascending channel and a falling wedge pattern, indicating a potential price reversal. However, bearish signals like the recent 20/50 EMA bearish crossover and RSI below 50 cautions against overly optimistic assumptions.
  • On-chain metrics, such as 'Deposits on Exchanges' and Daily Active Address count, provide valuable insights into the crypto's price movements. While the former shows an inverse relationship with the price, the latter has historically correlated with price spikes. Both deserve careful attention in the analysis.



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The Journey of BTCB: Ascending Channel and the Falling Wedge

Taking a step back and examining the broader picture, BTCB has consistently increased since the dawn of the year. After hitting its two-year bottom point on November 22nd, BTCB traced an upward journey for nearly a year, forming an 'ascending channel.'

An ascending channel is characterized by a rising lower trendline (the support) and a rising upper trendline (the resistance). The appearance of this pattern often points to the cyclical nature of the market, hinting at a potential price reversal.

The upper boundary of the ascending channel met a formidable resistance at the $30.7K mark, putting a check on bullish optimism. Since this juncture, the bears have mostly kept the bulls at bay, leading to a cooling off after the bull run. Additionally, BTCB's daily chart shows a pattern resembling a 'falling wedge,' which signals that a bullish trend might be waiting around the corner.

Source: TradingView

Recently, the price has shown signs of pulling back from the $30.7K resistance mark, moving into a quieter phase. During this time, the price hovered close to the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and the 50-day EMA, suggesting a squeeze phase. EMA is a moving average that gives more weight to recent prices and indicates market momentum. Furthermore, a recent bearish crossover between the 20 and 50-day EMAs suggests that bears hold the upper hand.

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The Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator that assesses price momentum, struggled to remain above 50, signaling a bearish trend. If the RSI stays below 50, it might embolden sellers to push the price further down.

Lastly, let's look at the On Balance Volume (OBV) - an indicator that uses volume flow to predict price changes. Recently, while OBV made flatter highs, the price experienced lower highs, hinting at a bearish divergence, which could signal an impending price drop.

Diving into BTCB's On-chain Data

On-chain metrics provide valuable insights into crypto assets. One such key metric is 'Deposits on Exchanges,' which represents the total amount of the currency deposited on all exchanges. In May, this metric for BTCB began to climb, inversely impacting the price of BTCB.

If this uptrend continues, it could spell a short-term setback for the price.

Source: Messari

Another critical on-chain metric is the Daily Active Address (DAA) Count, which is the number of unique addresses involved in transactions on a given day. Recently, BTCB's DAA count has been largely flat. However, it did register a sharp decline before indicating a slow recovery.

Historically, BTCB price has shown a positive correlation with DAA spikes - meaning, when more unique addresses get involved in transactions, the price often jumps. However, this relationship has lost some strength lately, with the price not showing significant movements despite changes in DAA.

Connecting these observations, the overall market sentiment seems neutral, but the potential for a sudden price surge remains.

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BTCB Price Forecast 2023: The Calm before the Storm?

Low volatility often precedes significant price movements, serving as the calm before the storm.

We could witness a near-term rally if there is a strong reversal from the $24.9K resistance. However, buyers should keenly observe for a consistent close above the 20/200 EMA as it would provide stronger confirmation of an upcoming bullish trend.

Historically, a bounce-back from the long-term ascending channel has often incited a short-term rally before a reversal occurs. In a bullish scenario, if the price closes above the current falling wedge, it would debunk the long-term bearish bias, prompting buyers to eye the $35K mark.

Contrarily, a close below the long-term ascending channel could instigate a bearish price discovery, where the first major support lies in the $21.7K zone. This underscores the importance of considering the complete picture - including sentiment analysis, technical indicators, and on-chain data - before making investment decisions.

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BTCB Investment: Should You Consider?

Given the current market conditions, deciding on BTCB investment requires a comprehensive understanding of its past performance and potential future trajectories. While recent bearish trends signal caution, the likelihood of a rebound from the long-term ascending channel and the emergence from a falling wedge pattern suggests possible bullish undertones.

However, investors should remember that crypto markets can be highly volatile, and a balanced, well-informed approach is crucial in decision-making. The Okto DeFi application also presents a secure mobile solution for housing numerous cryptos, including BTCB tokens. This app further provides an opportunity to dive into various DeFi investment possibilities conveniently gathered under one roof.

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